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Werewolf as female. That isn’t often the case. Director Amelia Moses’ film ventures into that territory. Though it takes a while for the payoff, you always know where it is heading.

Being a young woman in the indie music realm, Grey (Lauren Beatty – Jigsaw, Bleed With Me) is on the cusp of recording the ever feared sophomore album. Her first was a success so there is plenty of pressure on her.

She is excited when she tells her girlfriend Charlie (Katharine King So – from television’s Transplant) that she has found a producer to work with. It is the notorious Vaughn Daniels (Greg Bryk – Saw V, A History of Violence). Notorious because he has become pretty much a hermit in his large rural house after the death of his former protege under suspicious circumstances. Did she kill herself or did he murder her? Opinion is divided.

They start working together and right off the hop Charlie is not happy with the way Vaughn is treating Grey. Thinks he is pushing her too hard. Grey disagrees, bringing about some tension between the couple. Vaughn’s style is to really implicate himself into Grey’s heart and mind. This drives a wedge between Grey and Charlie.

Besides this tension other changes begin to appear with Grey. The almost lifelong vegan finds herself craving meat and even blood. Plus the visions she has been taking medication to ward off begin returning with a vengeance. And these are not the only the transformations which begin to appear with the singer. Grey is paying a heavy price for her art.

Conflict is everywhere in this film. A couple who were deeply in love now arguing. A longtime vegan desiring meat. An older man trying to insinuate himself into the life of a younger woman sounding the alarm with her girlfriend. Romantic love versus love for what you do in life.

An interesting look at female power. How it is seen by the world and how women handle wanting it. As Grey begins to come into her power and making sacrifices for her music is when other parts of her life begin falling apart.

It is a film in which you will see the influences from 90s films and tv series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A nod to the past while at the same time feeling rather modern.

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