Quebec made short film. Timely subject….well, pre-COVID that is….about illegal immigrants crossing into Canada from the United States in 2017. This is about a bunch of right wingers who want to put a stop to it. Anyway they can.

6-year-old Alex (Edouard B. Laroque – appeared in an episode of District 31) is having fun at home with his dad (Emile Schneider – 2011). His dad tells him they are going out to do something then Alex can have an ice cream sundae afterwards. The thought of a chocolate sundae gets him excited.

Soon they are in the woods somewhere. Other families are there. Alex and the other kids begin a game of hide and seek. While trying to find his friends Alex stumbles upon a family hiding in the woods. The father (Amir Sam Nakhjavani – X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Random Acts of Violence) pleads with Alex to keep quiet. When Alex calls out all the adults, including his father, come running.

They restrain the family of three and Alex is confused. Many have guns. Why, he wonders. Sees the young girl crying. He has no idea what is going on, but does not feel good about it. His father tries to console him. They get home and his dad makes him a sundae. Alex knows something bad has happened. He is quiet and sullen. When a stray cat which has been hanging around meows at the door, Alex lets it in and shares his sundae with it.

Extremism seen through the eyes of a young boy. If possible, it makes it even harsher. Makes what this group of right wing types who want to keep their part of the country “pure” seem even more diabolical. Damage is not only done to the immigrant family but to the young boy. Even at the age of 6 he can see it is wrong. Why can’t they?

Soon the young boy is the rebel. Strong enough to rebel against the role model in his life. We need more people like this in the world. Those who can reject the beliefs and ideologies of their own family when they see them as wrong or even worse, harmful.

It is a film inspired by true events.

The short has screened or been selected to screen in 60-odd international film festivals. It has won a number of awards.

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