Last Three Days

Sometimes you can see what a director of a film is going for…but he/she does not quite achieve it. Here Brian Ulrich (first feature film), who operates both as writer and director, was trying for a twist on your typical cop action thriller by instilling a groundhog day/lost time element in it. Instead of amping things up it just a real jittery and incongruent feel to it.

Time and time again undercover cops have become subsumed by the world they immerse themselves into it. It is almost like Icarus flying too close to the sun. You get too deep in and cannot find your way out.

Jack (Robert Palmer Watkins – from television’s General Hospital) meets the woman he falls in love with and eventually marries while at university. The two just click. Beth (Deborah Lee Smith – The Shasta Triangle, Here Awhile) and Jack get ahead in their chosen careers. Though his career starts to negatively affect their marriage which at this point is just hanging on by a thread.

With his partner Dave (Thomas Wilson Brown – Silverado, Diggstown), Jack has infiltrated a Japanese crime syndicate and it seems like they are on the verge of a big bust when one night things go all wrong.

He wakes up after being drugged by the syndicate’s new drug and his wife, partner and three days are missing. So he attempts to go back to fix things. However, it seems like he is never going to be able to make it come out as he wishes. Jack wants his old life back.

Though it is supposed to be a film with action and a crime syndicate you would assume there would be plenty heart racing stuff going on. Quite the opposite. It is rather blah. The script is really an albatross around the neck of everyone.

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