The Power of Movement

All kinds of alternative practices when it comes to health have been attempted or forwarded. Many have just been laughed off because of the Western world’s reliance on the medical profession. Which I am not pooh poohing as I do think science is the king, but I also do believe that there are alternative practices which can be used in conjunction to get even better results than medicine alone can.

When someone in the medical profession agrees with that then it carries more weight. One of those someones is Dr. Niraj Mehta, an oncologist, it makes people sit up and take notice. Something which many might have blown off otherwise is now considered.

Dr. Mehta is a young oncologist working with cancer patients who really believes in two things to complement traditional medical treatments. One is getting enough sleep and the other is movement. For the second, he believes in it so much he started something a few years ago called Making Moves Universal through which Mehta hopes to promote his message to the world.

With a mission of increasing cancer awareness and methods of treatment, Dr. Mehta has started classes which incorporate his love of Bollywood style dance. He has achieved success with his cancer patients involving them in these classes. Success in regards to physical and mental health. Dance gives the patients another tool to be able to deal with their disease while they are undergoing treatment and after.

We learn about the man himself and what he is doing via interviews with Mehta, his father, friends, and even colleagues. What emerges is a picture of a very positive person who truly cares. Plus the science is there behind what he is trying to do. Proof points to the fact that we aren’t in good enough physical shape and mindframe to deal with the tough medical treatments. Physical fitness is a big contributor to well being.

Lovely to see a doctor who is treating cancer want to deal with not just the disease but the whole person. Medicine needs more people like this. During these times a lighthearted look at health is certainly what the doctor ordered. A nice fusion of East and West.

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