Peninsula – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

As someone who swore off anything to do with zombies I was intensely surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed the zombie film, Train to Busan. So much so that I recommended it to others and was happy when they announced a follow up film. Now here it is – Peninsula directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the same man who directed Train to Busan.

South Korea was almost entirely decimated by zombies. Those who could get out did. Jung-Seok (Dong-Won Gang – The Secret Reunion, Haunters) managed to, but not without some guilt.

Now we are four years later and the zombies are still roaming around looking for flesh to dine on. The humans who have survived have left the mainland. Now, Jung-Seok, a former soldier, has been assigned to return with a small team to retrieve something and return alive.

While there they come across a small group of survivors. Including a couple of precocious kids and a woman Jung-Seok recognizes from his past.

As is often the case the sequel is not as good as the original. Not the same kind of unique flair as Train to Busan. The original was filled with tension and fear inducing while this one seems to have the opinion that if you throw enough movie tropes against the wall something will stick. Well, I think it more likely that your audience will see right through that and be disappointed.

Plus the zombies instead of being threatening as they were in the first are the mindless, non-threatening type which cause me to be annoyed with the entire genre.

Maybe they should have stuck to what was so successful with the first. Emotion, character development, tension, unexpected things happening, and a strong script. Even the action scenes are rather phony in look and execution.

Special Features:


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