What to see in December on Cinema Moderne’s platform

This December Cinéma Moderne is happy to offer movies sometimes to think, sometimes to relax, but always of a striking cinematic quality. Film buffs are invited to get their fill of culture in complete safety, in the comfort of their homes, thanks to its Online Cinema section.

This month, the platform will present in exclusivity Steve Patry‘s new documentary, I Might Be Dead By Tomorrow. The film is a plunge into the streets of Montreal in winter, where we meet the vulnerable people who live there and witness the moments they share with various social workers. Another essential documentary, Soleils Noirs by Julien Elie, an overview of a Mexico ravaged by a climate of impunity opening the door to all abuses, which was presented in theatres last year and won many awards, will be offered for viewing on demand.

Two films featuring Mathieu Almaric will be available during the holiday season. Un conte de Noël by Arnaud Desplechin, a picture seen at Cannes 2018 about a complex family meeting on Christmas Eve, with Catherine Deneuve, as well as At Eternity’s Gate by Julian Schnabel, a disarming depiction of the life of Vincent Van Gogh, played by Willem Dafoe, previously seen at the Venice Film Festival in 2018.

The little ones will not be left out, with Christmas films designed for them. A double program of two shorts, with Myrtille et la lettre au Père Noël and Le Père Frimas will be offered to the 4 years and older, while children 6 years and older will be able to discover Aïlo: A Lapland Odyssey.

As an end-of-year tradition, Cinéma Moderne is pleased to offer the FNC Shorts Awards, a program of five short films awarded at the most recent edition of the Festival du nouveau cinéma. In the program, we find Filipiñana by Rafael Manuel, in which a golf course is a reflection of the societal structures of the Philippines; Écume by Omar Elhamy, in which a hot day of reunion turns into a nightmarish rush; Comme une comète by Ariane Louis-Seize, the murky story of a young girl attracted to her stepfather; How to Disappear by Total Refusal (Leonard Müllner, Robin Klengel, Michael Stumpf), a film that seeks possibilities for peace in the most unlikely place: a war video game; and Barcelona Burning by Theodore Ushev, in which encaustic paintings on a yearbook serve as a palimpsest illustrating the violence and madness of the riots that swept Spain in October 2019.


Rustic Oracle by Sonia Bonspille Boileau

Quebec (Canada) / 2019 / Original English version with French subtitles / 100 minutes

Official Selection – Vancouver International Film Festival 2019

Official Selection – Festival Filministes 2019

*ONLINE – Now available

Soleils noirs by Julien Elie

Quebec (Canada) / 2018 / Original Spanish version with French or English subtitles / 154 minutes

Grand Prize – RIDM 2018

*ONLINE – From December 1st

I Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by Steve Patry

Quebec (Canada) / 2020 / Original French and English version with French or English subtitles / 75 minutes

Official selection – QCFF 2020

*ONLINE – From December 4

Christmas Double Program | 4 years and up

Myrtille et la lettre au Père Noël by Edmunds Jansons

Lettonia / 2017 / Original French version / 26 minutes

Le Père Frimas by Youri Tcherenkov

France / 2012 / Original French version / 26 minutes

*ONLINE – From December 9

Aïlo : une odyssée en Laponie by Guillaume Maidatchevsky | 6 years and up

Finlande, France / 2018 / Original French version / 86 minutes

*ONLINE – From December 15

Un conte de Noël by Arnaud Desplechin

France / 2008 / Original French version with English subtitles / 152 minutes

Palme d’or Nominee – Cannes Film Festival 2008

*ONLINE – From December 16

FNC – Courts métrages gagnants

International Dada Award: How to Disappear by Robin Klengel, Leonard Müllner and Michael Stumpf

Austria / 2020 / Original English version with English subtitles / 22 minutes

Audience Award: Comme une comète by Ariane Louis-Seize

Quebec (Canada) / 2020 / Original French version with English subtitles / 24 minutes

Loup argenté: Filipiñana by Rafael Manuel

Philippines, United Kingdom / 2020 / Original Filipino and English version with English subtitles / 24 minutes 
National Dada Award: Barcelona Burning by Theodore Ushev

Quebec (Canada, Spain) / 2020 / Original Catalan version / 5 minutes

Grand Prix – National Competition: Écume by Omar Elhamy

Quebec (Canada) / 2020 / Original French version with English subtitles / 28 minutes

*ONLINE – From December 18

At Eternity’s Gate by Julian Schnabel

Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, United States / 2018 / Original English version with French subtitles / 111 minutes

Nominated for Best Actor – Oscars 2019

Volpi Cup for Best Actor – Venice Film Festival 2018

*ONLINE – From December 29

To see the full list: cinemamoderne.com/en/virtual-cinema


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