Cinemania: JE M’APPELLE HUMAIN Wins Mel Hoppenheim Audience Award

CINEMANIA announced that, after winning the Prix Visages de la Francophonie TV5, Kim O’Bomsawin’s JE M’APPELLE HUMAIN also was voted as the Mel Hoppenheim Audience Award for this 26th edition of the festival. Among the favorites of this year were, ÉTÉ 85 by François Ozon and DEUX MOI by Cédric Klapisch which came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

JE M’APPELLE HUMAIN  wins the Mel Hoppenheim Audience Award

Festival-goers have chosen to crown Kim O’Bomsawin’s documentary JE M’APPELLE HUMAIN with the Mel Hoppenheim Audience Award. This feature film of the Abenakise filmmaker also won the Prix du public Mel Hoppenheim, presented by the President of the Jeunesse francophone Jury, actress Juliette Gosselin, a few days earlier. This is the first time in the history of the Festival that the Audience Award and the main Jury Prize (Prix Visages de la francophonie TV5) have been won by the same film and, moreover, a Quebec documentary.

An edition in the image of the plurality of French-language cinema

“One thing is certain: the results of this 26th online edition of CINEMANIA far exceeded all our expectations. We are stunned by the amount of spectators who have logged on. For the first time, our festival went to meet the spectators at home, in the privacy of their homes, all over the province of Quebec and beyond. CINEMANIA now has new followers in the rest of Canada. This is, I believe, what we must remember from this complex situation that we all face: the health crisis has exacerbated the need for culture, entertainment, the appetite for a different cinema, the need to discover and defend French-language films.” Guilhem Caillard – CEO of CINEMANIA

CINEMANIA has thus been able to offer a selection in the image of the plurality of the French-speaking world. Highlights of the Festival include the retrospective dedicated to Quebec director Louis Bélanger and his masterclass. Also, the pre-opening presentation of The LA NUIT DES ROIS by Philippe Lacôte, reflects the cooperation of three major French-speaking countries in production: Quebec, France and West Africa (Ivory Coast, Senegal). The feature film, selected by Côte d’Ivoire in the race for the Oscar for Best International Film, came away with the brand new Rayonnement Award for Best Quebec Feature film or co-production, made possible by Michel Trudel. In addition, CINEMANIA entered the world of short films this year thanks to the hat-trick of the REGARD Festival, whose 24th edition was cancelled due to the health crisis. The Saguenean Festival accompanied CINEMANIA in the creation of a competitive section of 26 short films, a nod to the number 26 of its 26th edition, whose AQCC-Nespresso Award for Best Short Film was awarded to LANDGRAVES by Jean-François Leblanc.

CINEMANIA continues on CRAVE and TV5 Unis!

Finally, let’s remember that CINEMANIA is not finished. As part of its partnership with BELL, the Festival presents a collection of films on CRAVE entitled “Festival CINEMANIA – PLEINS FEUX SUR LA FRANCOPHONIE”. Available until December 6 for all subscribers of the platform, this new collection works as an extension of the festival with several titles this year (such as the Quebec novelties VACARME by Neegan Trudel and FLASHWOOD by Jean-Carl Boucher) and previous editions. In addition, for the holiday season, titles discovered at CINEMANIA between 2014 and 2019 (such as de JEAN-Paul Rappeneau’s BELLES FAMILLES and Joachim Lafosse’s L’ÉCONOMIE DU COUPLE) will also be broadcast free of charge in partnership with the Festival on the website and the TV5 Unis app, from December 7, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

The CINEMANIA Francophone Film Festival will return in 2021 for its 27th edition.

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