Life of a Dog @ RIDM

The title of this film is a little misleading. Yes, there are dogs – two dogs from two families. But the film is really about two families trying to adjust to being immigrants in Montreal under the difficult condition of also having to adjust to being under conditions of confinement due to the pandemic we are undergoing.

The short film (26 minutes) is made by the moms from both of these families. Danae Elon is a mom of three boys who have come to Montreal from Israel. They have been here for seven years. She is dealing with the boys still adjusting (they are all rather young) and now dealing with being isolated from their classmates as they are doing school online.

Rosana Matecki and her teenage son have moved here from Venezuela. Rosana has to deal with a son who is on the cusp of his teenage years and the changes that brings on. She dreams of the days after COVID in which she can travel. Her son dreams of the beaches of Hawaii while she longs to return to Venezuela.

Both mothers are not only having to deal with their sons, but also their olders mothers at home. Danae’s in Israel is insisting on going out to get her computer fixed as she feels it is very important in her life. While Rosana’s mom is living in a country which was in a state of chaos even before COVID. She says in her area there is no gas or propane available plus electricity is dodgy.

2020 has been tough for the entire planet. But we don’t often think about families who are having to deal with the pandemic and isolation as well as being homesick and trying to adjust to their new country.

Both mothers show how they each have adopted dogs for their sons as companions. We see the private moments of the two families. Discussions about their feelings, fears and hopes are captured giving the viewer more of an insight into their lives.

Film is being presented at RIDM in association with the recently ended Cinemania film festival.

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