The Best Children’s Book about the Quarantine

“The Quarantine Bears” was written during the first month of the Los Angeles quarantine by married on-camera and voice actors Jay Preston and Megan Hensley. The book was inspired by the news stories in March of “Jared Leto emerging from 12-day meditation retreat to find coronavirus pandemic” Written in rhyme from the point of view of a little bear, he and his three family members “Bearly” wake up from their cozy winter hibernation to a world facing a global pandemic. They must quickly work together and make a plan to keep their family safe. The heartwarming book was written to give families and children an entertaining way to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

During their first Springtime run they quickly realize things are a mis!

“The stores were all closed, the streets were all bare,

and a few folks in masks almost gave us a scare” 

They “Bear-el” home as fast as their paws can take them only to see the news reports explain a new virus has spread and the world is on hold! They quickly make home-made masks and rush out for supplies.

“We found food we could eat and drinks we could drink, 

But the bathroom items were missing, which made us all think…”

They learn how to stay safe, adhere to new rules and come together as a loving family to make the best out of the situation. The Quarantine Bears leaves readers with hope that the pandemic will end and all will celebrate soon. 

This 34 page book is currently in e-book and hardcover format. The illustrators, Andrei Moldovan & Dako Tamas were found through the company Deveo Studios out of Germany. Jay worked very closely with the illustrators and throughout the whole process. The Mama and Papa bears are modeled after a picture of Jay’s grandparents Charlie and Diane Santoro. The two kids are modeled after young Jay and his sister.

Hardcover ISBN : 9780578722399

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