SOUND OF METAL | Available digitally and on demand Friday Dec 4th

TIFF 2019 favourite SOUND OF METAL will be available digitally and on demand across Canada this Friday, December 4th. Directed by Darius Marder, SOUND OF METAL stars Riz Ahmed (The Night Of, Sisters Brothers) and Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One, Thoroughbreds), about a heavy metal drummer whose life is upended when he loses his hearing. The Canadian trailer is available here.

“It was important to me that the film was genuine and visceral in its approach, and that the story provide a window into a culture and way of life that encapsulates so many people: Deaf, hard of hearing, and CODA (Children of Deaf Adults),” says director Darius Marder about the film. “In order to create an authentic experience of deafness, Riz wore custom devices in his ears that emitted a white noise of varying intensity, thus allowing him to experience the closest approximation to progressive deafness that we could simulate, including the inability to hear even his own voice.” 

The trailer and film itself include closed captioning. 

Darius Marder

Riz Ahmed
Olivia Cooke


Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and Lou (Olivia Cooke) live together, two nomads traveling gig to gig on an endless American tour. Their music is loud, frenzied and passionate, until one day Ruben is overwhelmed by a severe ringing in his ears, which quickly gives way to deafness. Ruben is suddenly overcome by anxiety, depression, and soon enough his past addictions begin to surface. Ruben checks himself into a home for deaf addicts run by an eccentric deaf veteran, Joe. In this world of silence and under Joe’s tough, observant care, Ruben must confront himself more honestly than ever before. But the love and sound of his old life echoes in Ruben’s mind, calling for him to return…  

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