3 Logical Exits @ RIDM

Though the RIDM film festival ended yesterday (sadness!) we have one more film review. This time it is a short film (15 minutes long) called 3 Logical Exits, which refers to the assertion that a sociologist makes during the film about the three ways which Palestinian refugees can get out of the camp in Lebanon – being selling/using drugs, armed struggle and emigration.

Much of the film takes place in the Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where director Mahdi Fleifel visits a friend of his and to his dismay finds a man without much hope for the future. We discover that this is due to the already bad conditions within the camp and the belief that they will only get worse.

The residents of the camp have begun a revolt against the Lebanese government measures which will result in discrimination they already face and living conditions worsening. Fleifel is speaking about this with his friend Reda, who lives in the camp. Reda is really struggling to stay positive and to figure out a way to support and keep his family safe.

Using the interviews with Reda as well as archival footage, Fleifel brings forth the story from an insider’s point of view as well as backing it up with a sociologist’s statements about the conditions for the inhabitants in this camp…and probably many others. Everything is in black and white which makes a statement in itself. The graininess. Reflects the existence of the residents featured here.

It is a bleak existence which is brought forward in a short time by director Mahdi Fleifel. Obviously the issue is a complex one and there is a whole lot more which could be discussed. Watching this short film is heartbreaking for the most part. Really makes us realize how privileged we are in the is part of the world. Makes you reflect on the plight of dispossessed (or refugees) in this part of the world as well as world over.

The film is a co-production between Denmark, UK and Lebanon.

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