32 Weeks

Memory is a really important thing. It controls a lot of what we do. How we get places. What we think about other people. How we remember events in our lives. Tons of stuff. You only really realize how vital it is when it is gone. Or in Cole’s (Nicole Souza – Against the Night) case, when it is taken from you.

Cole is in the hospital after a car accident. Her doctor (Ayanna S. Fleming – appeared in episodes of The Wire and Saved-ish) contacts former roommate Hannah (Nicole Rainteau – Scenes from the Underground), who comes to the hospital and is told that Cole seems to have lost some of her memory due to the accident. She remembers some things but not others.

She does remember Hannah, so there is no awkwardness there. Who Cole does not seem to remember is her last boyfriend, Simon (Scott Bender – from television mini-series Unbelievable). He wants to reconnect with her so they begin to spend some time together. It seems like Cole is falling back in love with him when she regains a memory about another. Ends up it is an ex-boyfriend, Warren (Cameron Tagge – Love is Not Love).

She cannot seem to get Warren out of her mind. Especially after they reconnect. He seems to still care as well. Flashes of her memory come back to her. Soon she realizes who she is in love with and goes to tell the other about it. What happens next could never have been predicted.

A well written indie film which successfully manages to lead you one way then make a complete 180 turn in another direction. Instead of feeling manipulated, you enjoy the ride. Many films try this but are not successful as it feels artificial. Not here because of the solid script and able acting.

You are definitely invested until you find that following all the red herrings was, well, just that.

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