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The goings on in small towns. Sometimes it is idyllic, but oftentimes it is a tortured existence. Tortured because there is not much to do, choice of people to meet and date and everyone knows your business. In the Patagonian village Emilia (Sofia Palomino – Refugiado) grew up in and left when she first could, she returns after a tough breakup with her girlfriend. She is a mess emotionally upon her return. Having no other choice, she moves back in with her mother (Claudia Cantero – Rojo, Patagonia).

Once there she reconnects with a friend, spending some time with her and her baby, as well as getting a job as the phys ed teacher at the local high school. Both of these things get her into a spot of trouble. Emilia is flirting with and sleeping with people she should be – male and female.

If Emilia thought that she would settle into a quiet setting in order to mend her broken heart then she was horribly wrong. As her life begins to swirl around like the whipping winds in her small hometown.

Argentinian film directed by Cesar Sodero which is a rather dark one involving romance and trying to right your life. A young woman trying to deal with the mess that is her life. Yet it seems like every subsequent decision she makes once returning home leads to more problems.

They say that time and distance dulls the pain. But it also seems to lead to forgetfulness. People often forget why they left in the first place. While you are older and maybe wiser, towns and their culture rarely change very much. The same problems crop up again much to our surprise though no one else’s.

Exactly what Emilia is going through. Though she definitely contributes to her own problems. An interesting juxtaposition crops up in the film – how the town does not change but how Emilia becomes more and more restless.

A positive note is that all this mess eventually leads to something positive. That Emilia begins to enter a period of self acceptance and an understanding of who she is along with what she wants out of life.

A lot of this happens silently. The viewer is not spoonfed all that is going on. You have to work for it. Look at the clues then put them all together. Infinitely more satisfying and realistic storytelling.

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