Honest Thief

With almost every film there is a good side and a bad one. The good one is that if you love the whole Liam Neeson action star guy fighting against corrupt or bad guys then this is going to please you as once again he is doing just that. The bad side is that Liam Neeson is doing the same kind of schtick he has done in most films he has starred in over the last decade. It is getting a little thin, no?

This time instead of hunting down whoever has a member of his family or is on a train planning a large scale conspiracy, he is a very successful bank robber who is giving it all up due to love only to find out that the FBI agents he is dealing with are corrupt and he is going to have to flee while at the same time trying to prove what is going on.

The In and Out Bandit. That has been the name given to a bank robber who has successfully pulled off a dozen heists without leaving even a speck of a clue and as such has left the FBI befuddled without any real leads. Agents Samuel Baker (Robert Patrick – Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, The Marine) and Sean Meyers (Jeffrey Donovan – from television’s Burn Notice) are really stalled on the case and angered by all the phone calls they are getting from people falsely claiming to be the Honest Thief.

Actually former military man and explosives expert, Tom Dolan (Liam Neeson – Men in Black: International, Widows) is actually the In and Out Bandit. But after a chance meeting with the spunky Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh – from television’s Grey’s Anatomy) and an ensuing relationship, he has decided to come clean.

Tom is going to turn himself in with the idea that he cannot embark on a serious relationship with Annie if he is hiding this from her. He contacts the FBI, but Meyers and Baker, believing it is another fake call, send out Agents John Nivens (Jai Courtney – A Good Day to Die Hard, Suicide Squad) and Ramon Hall (Anthony Ramos – A Star is Born – 2018, Hamilton) to check it out. They, of course, don’t believe Tom either.

But things change once he sends them to a rented storage space where they find $3 million of the $9 million he has stolen. The temptation is too much for Nivens as he sees a way to not worry about money anymore. He and Hall agree to take the money only to tell everyone at the FBI that Tom was another crank. All they have to do is kill Tom. That is going to prove easier said than done.

Anyone who has seen any of Neeson’s aforementioned films is going to be able to discern how this is all going to roll out. There is nothing really unique or innovative about Mark Williams’ (A Family Man) film. That being said, it is a harmless watch. Meaning it is not awful as long as you don’t expect Oscar calibre anything. An okay film to watch over the holidays while curled up on the couch on a cold day or evening.

The cast is solid and while there are some minor gaps in the story, there is nothing awful enough to turn you off completely. Just left me wondering how much longer the 68-year-old Neeson can keep up the whole action hero thing?

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