image+nation, Canada’s Original LGBTQ+ Film Fest, Unveils Winners & Extends Run to Dec. 12!

And The Winners Are…


Shiva Baby | Emma Seligman | 2020 | Canada

Ahead of the Curve | Jen Rainin & Rivkah Beth Medow | 2020 | USA

Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) | Faraz Shariat | 2020 | Germany

Vento Seco (Dry Wind) | Daniel Nolasco | 2020 | Brazil

Si c’était de l’amour (If It Were Love) | Patric Chiha | 2020 | France

Vendrá la Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos (Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes) | José Luis Torres Leiva | 2019 | Chile

Vendrá la Muerte y Tendrá Tus Ojos (Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes) | José Luis Torres Leiva | 2019 | Chile

Alice Júnior  | Gil Baroni | 2019 | Brazil

Welcome to the USA | Assel Aushakimova | 2019 | Kazakhstan

Unapologetic | Ashley O’Shay | 2020 | USA

Welcome to the USA | Assel Aushakimova | 2019 | Kazakhstan

One more chance to catch winners of this year’s awards!
Titles that won this year’s jury and public awards will be available to screen for one more week, from December 7 to 12 at As well, starting on December 9, image+nation’s most innovative event to date: Canada’s first Queer Short Film Fest. Details pertaining to this event will be unveiled very soon.

What the Jury Said About the Winners
Feature: Shiva Baby
An extremely mastered first film for such a young director. Filled with tasty lines, this almost closed door plunges us into the anxiety of the very charismatic protagonist who does not meet the conservative expectations of her milieu. All the supporting roles are well developed and perfectly interpreted. A director to follow.

Meet The Filmmakers: Jen Rainin & Rivkah Beth Medow (Ahead of the Curve)

Documentary: Ahead of the Curve
This important film about lesbian herstory and visibility gives us insight into how founder Franco Stevens’ vision and drive created the ground-breaking magazine DENEUVE, later re-named CURVE, putting lesbians and lesbian culture on the front page at news stands across North America – and maybe more importantly getting that magazine into the hands of women who craved imagery and information about themselves, no longer feeling alone and lost.

And That’s a Wrap!

Canada’s Original LGBTQ Film Festival Amplifies More New Queer Voices Than Ever!

image+nation, Canada’s first LGBTQ film festival and pioneering platform of queer stories has just wrapped up its first virtual run. image+nation33 produced a series of unforgettable cinematic highlights and delivered an unparalleled program of new queer stories that defied the conventional LGBTQ narrative across 17 incredible days!

A one of a kind experience
The shift of the festival to the digital space in 2020 also marked the revolution of image+nation in its mission to encourage and nurture LGBTQ+ culture and storytelling. With the full programme available for Quebec and Francophone programmes available all across Canada, the film festival had the opportunity to introduce the originality and universality of these stories and new ways of telling, watching and sharing to a wider audience.

image+nation33 was like no other! Going virtual meant we were able to share the Festival with audiences throughout Quebec and with Focus: Francophonie, across the country. These poignant and pressing queer stories hopefully have helped us all feel a bit more connected and we are so proud to have brought these phenomenal stories and storytellers to a wider audience this year,” adds Kat Setzer, I+N Programming Director.

I+N explore
I+N explore is a constantly evolving virtual space where queer creators explore, present and discuss their work. For its 2020 launch, virtually experience Queerment Québec 19 held at Centre PHI in 2019. 

An innovative alternative to the Q&A format
This year, I+N 33 introduced a new series titled Meet The Filmmakers, where audiences were invited to virtually take a tour of the 2020 filmmakers’ hometowns/cities and shooting locations, as well as to learn more about the artists’ creative process as they share insights and anecdotes about their work. From Kazakhstan (Welcome to the USA) to Australia (Unsound) to Colombia (Nowhere) and Chile (Los Fuertes), I+N explore discovers their spaces of creation and inspiration.


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