image+nation: Canada’s Original LGBTQ+ Film Festival Launches Canada’s First-Ever Queer Short Film Festival! Until Dec. 31.

image+nation, Canada’s first LGBTQ+ film festival and pioneering platform of queer stories is back with the very first Pan-Canadian LGBTQ+ short films festival from December 9th to December 31st. The curated titles will reach audiences across the country looking to discover and learn more about LGBTQ+ culture and identities through the lens of cinema.

Highlighting the importance of the festival’s ongoing outreach to Francophone communities outside of the province, the Focus: Francophonie special program will be available for audiences outside of Quebec, reaching francophones across Canada. All of the varied short films and programs can be found in image+nation’s virtual catalogue, a traditional guide with links to navigate through the digital platform. The catalogue can be viewed and downloaded here:

It’s been a dream of ours to create an event that honours the perfection that can be a short film – the often neglected and underappreciated film format that is the lesser known cousin of the feature film we are used to seeing. We hope audiences, old and new, will take a chance on exploring the many talented and original filmmakers whose work we will be bringing to Canadian audiences for the holidays. Discover and share these little gems. This is our Xmas present to you!” – Charlie Boudreau, Festival Director

‘Tis the season of shorts
This holiday season, I+N is delighted to offer some much-needed entertainment relief. I+N FESTIVAL COURTS QUEER SHORT FILM FEST offers audiences who found their usual Christmas routine disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, a unique opportunity to create new traditions and come together even while apart. The festival’s team of cutting-edge cinematic playlist programmers have curated a program of groundbreaking and compelling short films that will appeal to all tastes and ages. Aesthetically and thematically varied, the films’ virtual presence makes them not only accessible and easy to watch but also fun to share.

This Christmas, give the gift of LGBTQ+ storytelling!
The shift of the festival to the digital space in 2020 also marks the revolution of image+nation in its mission to encourage and nurture LGBTQ+ culture and storytelling to everyone. With the full program available all across Canada, the film festival now has both the opportunity and responsibility to introduce the originality and universality of these stories and new ways of telling, watching and sharing to a wider audience.

Committed to providing a fulfilling artistic experience that is also representative of all members of the LGBTQ+ community, image+nation makes queer stories a part of everyday life in meaningful and empowering ways through various productions of all ages, all colours, all genders, all sexual orientations and all backgrounds. I+N FESTIVALCOURTS QUEER SHORT FILM FEST promises its audiences groundbreaking yet relatable new queer stories with several major themes exploring a myriad of slices of life. An inclusive experience.

Introducing major themes:
The Key to Personalizing the I+N FESTIVAL COURTS QUEER SHORT FILM FEST Experience

 Focusing on narratives of growing up and growing older as an LGBTQ+ person, this program shines a light on youth and elder queer stories creating an intergenerational dialogue with films like I am Mackenzie and Wings.

I am Mackenzie (2019) by Artemis Anastasiadou


This program spotlights bold films from countries and perspectives that see little representation in the queer cinema canon stitching a wonderful tapestry of identities that together make up a rich and diverse spectrum of queer experiences such as FicusНеонски срца (Neon Hearts) and many more.


Celebrating the richness of the queer experience, the titles selected represent a wide array of innovative stories exploring themes of identity and gender in an intimate and refreshing approach that extends beyond the coming out tropes with films like Elagabalus, and Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone in Between.


Two programs of exciting short films from francophone countries all over the globe featuring titles like Martinique’s Zanmi, France’s Citégalité (Equalicity) and many more.


This collection of shorts highlights Indigenous 2-spirit realities from here in Canada and farther afield to include stories from First Peoples of New Zealand, the U.S. and Hawaii covering a wide range of topics relevant to the Indigiqueer experience. Titles include Woman DressNancy from Now On, and more.


This year has been challenging for everybody, but particularly parents and carers of young children, so this holiday season families can sit back and enjoy this carefully curated lineup of kid-friendly films. With the perfect mixture of fun animation and comedy, this collection has something for everyone.

Go, Go Boy (2019) by Oriana Oppice


I+N continues celebrating national talent with MADE AU CANADA, featuring short films that vividly portray our national queer identity like Disco Apocalypse, and Cam Boy by Canada’s best and brightest LGBTQ+ filmmakers.


An incredible opportunity to discover some of the brightest up and coming LGBTQ animators in the world and the work they are producing through a selection of animated shorts. This animation program is mature in content, however, and not recommended for children.


The perfect selection for audiences wishing to have some great nights of laughter and discover the new LGBTQ+ comedy creators.

 For 20 years straight, I+N has been highlighting and celebrating the work of local image-makers through its shorts program Queerment Québec. This year, fans will continue to enjoy dazzling works that speak of and to uniquely Québecois queer cultural perspectives from emerging and established producers. QQ is a love letter to Québec’s boundless queer creativity and spectacular talent.
A compilation of shorts that honour the diversity and richness of the gay and lesbian identity and experience respectively.
In addition, the program will also include four short documentaries that tackle diverse subjects in striking ways. From climate change, sexual identity and politics in Brazil and Ivory Coast to dispelling stereotypes about farmers and gay men, the titles included are bound to expand the spectators’ knowledge this year.
Alongside the festival’s lineup of the best international and local queer shorts, I+N FESTIVAL COURTS QUEER SHORT FILM FEST will also host a series of fun and insightful discussions with Franco filmmakers as part of the festival’s Focus: Francophonie.

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