FOR THE RECORD series premiered on CBC Gem, DECEMBER 11th!

Every song tells a story…

ALL NEW 6-Episode Series



YouTube sensation Johnny Orlando lends his voice and guest stars in this unique series, where the characters’ stories are woven together by the hit songs of Universal Music’s catalogue.
Ray and Angela just broke up. What if the iconic songs we all know and love had the power to bring them back together? Follow the interconnected people, stories & music that mend their broken hearts.

Episode 1

Title: Splitsville
Centrepiece song: Wouldn’t It Be Nice By The Beach Boys
Synopsis: Ray and Angela just broke up. They’ve just got one thing left to do together: divvy up their prized record collection. One album, Pet Sounds, proves to be non-negotiable, leading the couple to unearth the pain and bitterness that drove them apart.
Director: Lisa Baylin (Guidestones, Save Me) & Julian De Zotti (Suits, Transplant)
Actors: Anna Hopkins (The Expanse, Shadowhunters, Bad Blood), Julian De Zotti

Episode 2

Title: The Broken Hearts Tour
Centrepiece song: Phobias by Johnny Orlando
Synopsis: Angela spends Christmas with her niece Madison, who is desperate to meet her “soulmate”: the real-life pop star Johnny Orlando. But cynical Angela is hellbent on teaching this tween “stan” that love is a lie. Only Johnny Orlando himself can prove her wrong.
Director: Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart (Mr DBickford Park)
Actors: guest starring Johnny Orlando, Anna Hopkins, Alexandra Beaton (The Next Step, Hardy Boys), Moni Ogunsuyi, Julian De Zotti, Callum Maudsley

Episode 3

Title: Dinner Music
Centrepiece song: Redemption Song by Bob Marley
Synopsis: Ray’s new girlfriend Sara wants him to meet her parents. Over a dinner of traditional oxtail stew cooked by the “woke” Ray, they all get into a battle royale about cultural appropriation in music when he plays a Bob Marley protest song during the meal.
Director: Sudz Sutherland (Ginny & Georgia, Batwoman)
Actors: Julian De Zotti, Moni Ogunsuyi, Maurice Dean Wint (Lead in new Syfy series The Surrealtor), Karen LeBlanc (Guest Star of Lovecraft Country).

Episode 4

Title: Climax
Centrepiece song: I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd
Synopsis: Stefan is a charismatic pastor, eligible bachelor and devoted disciple of The Weeknd who goes through a crisis of faith when he engages in a passionate affair.
Director: Sudz Sutherland 
Actors: Lyriq Bent (Power, The Affair), Kira Clavell, Phil Borg, Maurice Dean Wint, Karen LeBlanc.

Episode 5

Title: That Twilight Queer Love Affair
Centrepiece song: I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone
Synopsis: Recent widow Joy is about to turn 70. On the eve of her birthday she meets Fiona, a Nerds 4 Hire employee, and they strike up an unlikely friendship thanks to Nina Simone.
Director: Theresa Rebeck (The 355, Smash)
Actors: Alannah Ong, Theresa Tova, Uni Park, Kira Clavell, Phil Borg, Neil Lu 

Episode 6

Title: The Drop
Centrepiece song: Stars Tonight by Zeds Dead
Synopsis: Rain is attending her annual Zeds Dead EDM festival pilgrimage. She’s also 8 months pregnant. Don’t judge! When she goes into labour, there’s only one person there to assist her: Ray, itching to get back together with his first love, Angela.
Director: Matt Eastman (Ming’s Dynasty, Whatever Linda)
Actors: Justine Nelson, Julian De Zotti, Theresa Tova, Anna Hopkins, Olivia Mata, Martha Lucia Rodriguez, Melissa McNerney, Brynn Chamblee, Manuel Bonilla, Miguel Bonilla, Vicki Perry, Tashi Simmons, Alice Forsanari, Mason Tanner Hassenplug

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