Though it has elements from several films/television shows which have come before it, feature film, directed and written by James Kermack (Hi-Lo Joe), Knuckledust has differentiated itself enough to stand on its own two feet. Some will see the similarities to films like Fight Club and a show like Preacher, but the dark action film forges its own identity.

As many would say it was inevitable, at an underground elite fight club, with seven levels of hell, chaos and death occurs. Lots of death. At the end of it all one man is left standing. That one man is known as Hard Eight (Moe Dunford – from television’s Vikings) and he is not in great shape himself. Obviously having ungone a severe beating, Hard Eight is bruised and bloodied.

When a special police task force kicks in the door to the club they find a ton of bodies. Bodies of those who were fighters, assassins and other various heavies. Before a dubious government official arrives with the goal of taking custody of the remaining fighter, Chief Inspector Katherine Keaton (Kate Dickie – Prometheus, The Witch) and her team have under two hours to figure out what went on. They aim to figure out is Hard Eight is a mass murderer or a fortunate survivor.

The more Keaton uncovers, the more she begins to wonder what really went on. It begins to appear that there was serious corruption and lies going on.

With its dark nature and look, Knuckledust has plenty of action of different sorts. Adrenaline pumping fights along with some brain activity required of the viewer. The highlight is most certainly all the fights, if you go for that sort of thing. They are bone crushing in their realism. Filming of the action sequences is really good. You get in close and different angles to catch it all. Stylish in look and approach, so props to director/writer Kermack.

Another highlight is the soundtrack or music involved. It really adds to the action or what is going on.

Plenty of action/fights as well as a couple of twists/surprises. While this is not a great film it is one which will entertain a swarth of movie fans.

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