Within every relationship there are ups and downs. Especially if the two involved are of different religious backgrounds. One who is and one who isn’t. That would lead to some conflict, you would think, right?

Right. Even in the beautiful backdrop of rural Colorado. Over a Christmas weekend a young couple, Paul (Tanner Kalina – People with Issues) and Gena (Amanda Maddox – appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds and Rider), plan to spend time together. While there, instead of it being the romantic weekend they had hoped for, it devolves into their ideological differences, their pasts and grief.

Paul, who is Catholic, had planned to use the weekend to propose to his girlfriend Gena. Gena, a non-believer, was hoping that while spending time alone they would be bringing their relationship to the next level. Meaning the couple, due to Paul’s beliefs, had not had sex yet. Each has different expectations and as such, both are disappointed about the weekend.

Instead what ensues is a test of their honesty. They engage in a session of “question and answer”. All this results in secrets being revealed and ghosts of relationships past haunting the present.

If you are expecting something along the lines of the squeaky clean Christmas romance films you might see on the W or Hallmark networks, then, just like Paul and Gena, you will be mightily disappointed. There is nothing typical going on here. It is a romantic film which is rather atypical. There is a certain depth here. Instead of just being one of those unrealistic Hollywood romance films, here you get a little grit and realism. Along with some solid acting and directing by Joe Duca (Her Name Was Jo). After watching it, especially if you see it with your significant other, it will encourage apres-watch discussion and debate.

Evergreen was amazingly made over the span of three years – from idea to editing, I mean. In contrast, it had a short filming schedule of two weeks. A small budget film it made the rounds at festivals and along the way won 11 awards. People who saw the film obviously connected with it.

The film is available on all major VOD platforms.

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