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New Films
 From Brazil we have Quentin Delaroche’s Camocim, about the calm routine of a small city rocked during a political campaign, and Gabriel Mascaro’s Housemaids, wherein seven adolescents film their families’ housemaids uncovering the complex relationships between the maids and their employers. And from Cuba, Aldemar Matias’s La Arrancada (On the Starting Line) tells the tale of Jenniffer, a young sportswoman questioning her career as a national athlete.

Also new: Travels in the Congo, the restored version of André Gide and Marc Allégret’s rare early ethnographic and largely observational 1927 documentary with a new score by Mauro Coceano reveals a record of time, place and people of that region. And Gide is the subject of Marc Allégret’s 1951 restored documentary With Andre Gide, a portrait of the Nobel-prize-winning author, social justice crusader, anti-colonialist, adventure traveler, musician and one-time Communist. Rounding out the collection is Grace Winter & Luc Plantier’s The Marquis of Wavrin, which chronicles Robert de Wavrin, a Belgian marquis who spent decades traveling among indigenous people in South America and the first person to capture a Tzantza head-shrinking ceremony on film.
A Curated Collection of Argentine Cinema
 We’ve hand-picked our favorite Argentinean films to give you a taste of the country’s offerings. From a feature on a woman struggling to adjust to her role as a mother in My Friend from the Park toLight Years, a documentary on Lucrecia Martel, one of Argentina’s most renowned filmmakers, there is something for everyone.

Love & Death
A Curated Collection of Heartbreaking Films

Love and death are sadly intertwined. This collection of 10 films showcases a variety of films from the touching animation Louise by the Shore on a older woman abandoned by everyone with only her memories for company to Petra Costa’s intimate documentary Elena on re-discovering the sister she lost when she was only seven years old.

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