The War With Grandpa

You want to know why I was so excited about last year’s The Irishman on Netflix? It was because I was excited for a film which was up to the calibre of talent possessed by one of the greatest actors of his generation – Robert De Niro. Of late he has not made great movies. 2019 was the exception with The Irishman and Joker. Before it was a lot of throw away films of the likes of Dirty Grandpa, Heist, The Carrier, and The Big Wedding. Just because he is getting older does not mean there are no roles which are up to his level. Many of his choices seem of the desperate variety.

Here we have another one. The War with Grandpa is the type of film which is not really a great watch and throughout you are thinking you that you have seen a film exactly like this before. And you wonder why you are watching it again as you did not really enjoy it the first time.

This is a film which is more of what you would expect from Rob Riggle and Cheech Marin. Not De Nire, Uma Thurman and Christopher Walken. I don’t want to sound completely negative here as it is the type of film which you can sit down with younger kids and they will enjoy, but certainly not up to expectations. Plus the way it ends they leave it open of a sequel.

With the recent death of his wife and leg injury, Ed’s (Robert De Niro) daughter Sally (Uma Thurman – Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction), a busy woman with a full time job and a couple of kids, thinks her father should move in with them. He is not thrilled but acquiesces.

Who is really not happy with the new living arrangements is his grandson Peter (Oakes Fegley – The Goldfinch, Wonderstruck), who has to give up his great bedroom to move to the creepy, creeky and vermin infested attic. NOt willing to take this lying down, Peter declares war. A escalating prank war begins between grandson and grandfather.

Every year we seem to get movies of this sort. We have only got ourselves to blame. It is like complaining about Donald Trump as President. If enough people didn’t vote for him… The film industry is all about money. If films like this did not make money then they wouldn’t make any more.

Bottom line this is a completely predictable film with some family appropriate laughs. Totally a Covid time film as we are stuck indoors and have probably worked our way through everything good on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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