Happiest Season

A lesbian bringing her partner home for the holidays. that is what Clea DuVall’s (The Intervention) film is about. I yearn for the day that this is just described as a love story. What brings me hope is that that day is not far off. Call me a dreamer.

The reviews for this film have been rather mixed. Some taking the film for what it is meant to be (a light holiday romance) and enjoying it, while others criticizing it for what it lacks. It is tough being one of the first films of a type. When you are the first lesbian holiday romantic comedy that comes with a ton of expectations and a heavy burden to shoulder.

Since her parents’ deaths, the Christmas season has not brought good tidings or feelings for Abby (Kristen Stewart – Seberg, Cafe Society). That is until her longterm girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis – Terminator: Dark Fate, Tully) invites her to her family home for the holiday season.

Abby’s feelings towards Christmas begin to change. So much so, as she tells her best friend (Dan Levy – from television’s Schitt’s Creek), that she plans to propose to Harper at Christmas. Happy times seem to be on the horizon for the couple.

Things change when on the way to her parents’ home, Harper admits to Abby that she lied about being out to her family. She isn’t and definitely has not told them about her and Abby. Harper insists that it has never been the right time and now her father Ted (Victor Garber – Argo, Titanic) is running for town mayor and could not afford to turn off potential voters. The story she has told her parents is that she is bringing home her roommate, who is alone for the holidays due to her parents’ deaths. Abby is not thrilled but agrees to go along with it because Harper promises to tell them right after the holidays.

As you might have guessed, nothing really goes as expected. Harper does not not tell her parents, Abby begins to feel more and more awkward, and a chasm grows between the once close lovers. All this begins to make Abby question whether she really truly knows the woman she loves. It is not all fa-la-la-la-la this holiday season.

Acceptance and love. Important issues in our lives. Especially when it comes to our family. Heap on top of that meeting your girlfriend’s family. The holiday season. All stressful things. Would put pressure on any couple nevermind one which is hiding a big secret. Such is the spine of this story. Not something which hasn’t been touched upon before. Though here it is presented in a slightly different way. All about the flairs.

All these issues are addressed in a very open and relevant ways. The cast, which also included Aubrey Plaza (from television’s Parks and Recreation), Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers, Back to the Future Part III), Alison Brie (from television’s Mad Men), and Ana Gasteyer (from television’s Saturday Night Live), lends plenty to the story. Playing characters which seem “real”. All bring realism, comedic timing and holiday cheer to their characters. There really isn’t a weak link in this cast.

There are a couple of small flaws in the script, but they are easily overlooked due to its likability factor and intelligence.

Now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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