The One You Feed

A stranger (Gareth Koorzen – The Black That Follows), a man finds himself lost and at the same time he is running away from something. That being/thing/person chasing him is what he runs into. He has someone he cannot leave behind.

The man is injured. He is found and taken care of by a woman (Rebecca Fraiser – God Send) and man (Drew Harwood – Bloodlines). Because he is not mobile, the stranger is totally dependent upon them. While they do go through the ritual of mending him what is actually happening is mindgames. Of the twisted variety.

Told in a dreamlike manner, this is a film which comes off as attempting to be rather esoteric. Niche and with cachet. At (most) times feeling like it is trying way too hard to accomplish this. Complete with almost incomprehensible dialogue. An obtuse plot. One so muddy that you cannot see clear to the bottom of it.

There is an attempt to normalize all kinds of sexualities. Sexual expression in lots of forms. This is a love story between two men. Complete with some scenes between them and also between a man and a woman. Though once again the transparent attempt to be edgy comes off at best head scratching and at worst unintentionally hilarious.

The film is available to rent or own on several platforms.

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