Everybody Flies

First released in 2019, Everybody Flies is now truly making itself available to the world. It is a film about a part of the airline industry and flying which most of us are in the dark about.

This is what I love about documentary films. The way the genre tries to educate us about subjects we might have been ignorant about. In this world of the big planet we live on being made much smaller by the fact that we are able to fly anywhere in rather short order, many are familiar with flying. A large part of the population of the Western world has taken a plane at some point. We put our trust in those who build the planes and those whose job it is to fly us. We do this without really knowing too much about flying and the planes. Seems silly when you really think about it.

Here director Tristan Loraine, who was formerly a pilot for British Airways, attempts to enlighten (and in the end viewers/passengers should be frightened about what is shown here) us about the air we breathe on airplanes as we are flying. Loads of stuff I did not know about. Especially during COVID times. I have read a couple couple of articles about how the air on planes is safe as it put through high level filters. After watching Everybody Flies I am not sure who to believe.

Have you ever thought about where the air you breathe on a plane comes from? No? Well, you really should as what surfaces is that for the large part much of tha air passengers and crew breathe is contaminated. . The problem is not really where it comes from exactly (outside), but the fact that it is brought in through the engines which brings it in contact with engine oils.

Engine oils which leech into the air and tricresyl phosphate is introduced. I was shocked when it was stated that the air is not filtered after that happens. How is that possible?!? I know this is a business; that airlines exist to make money. That is fine, but how has this not been fixed? Even worse is when we learn that this is an open secret. It is known. Airlines and those who build planes know about it and have not fixed it. There is a flaw in the design in regards to air quality. Not a British Airways problem; it is a universal one. No plane flying today has an air quality detection system. Really shocking!

Here we are shown never-before-seen documentation, explained the science behind it and listen to personal testimonials. Director Loraine uses the savvy of the 18 years he has researched the subject in the constructing of the documentary. He talks to passengers and airline crew who have become sick due to the poison which is in the air inside planes.

Each and every day (in normal times pre-COVID) around 11 million people fly on planes. All are placed in jeopardy due to the air quality. An unbelievable cover up is uncovered. Now, will things change? Stay tuned.

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