The contributions of women during times of war are often silenced. They don’t wield the power so what they have done (in battle and on the homefront) is not often dicussed or known. Rare are the films which call attention to women’s contribution during war. Director Rami Kodeih’s short film Alina attempts to shed light on just one of many of these stories.

Based on real events, the setting is World War II and tells the tale of a group of women who risk their lives saving the lives of Jewish children. In the Warsaw ghetto, the Nazis were separating children from their parents (sound familiar) to put them on trains to concentration camps.

A group of young women decide to use the fact that they are not seen as threats by the Nazis to try and save as many of these children as they can. This time they are trying to get a 3-month-old baby of their friend out. Though they are not the main targets, make no mistake, in that they are risking their lives.

For a film of only 25 minutes, Alina will leave its mark on you. A film which will bring with it plenty of food for thought and different emotions. Frightening because some of the actions and language is what we are seeing today and light of heart because it reminds us that there are good people out there even in the darkest of times. So good that they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to try to save others.

All aspects of the film are strong – sound, story, editing, acting, and directing.

Alina has been popular on the festival circuit, screening at over 170 festivals and winning over 100 awards.

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