For many it is a tough proposition to not be affected by what happened in your childhood. An almost impossible ask. This is unfortunately doubly so if said childhood was traumatic. This is what Oscar award winning director Anders Walters’ latest film touches upon. In a sometimes subtle way while others hitting you over the head with it.

The short film tells the story of a young person still feeling the effects of an alcoholic parent as they have been able to escape from them. Kasper (Sylvester Byder – Into the Darkness) seems to be living his best life – he is in school studying and loves it plus he dating a wonderful young woman (Clara Rosager – Misbehaviour). Everything is coming up Kasper. But he seems to be somehow not fully there or enjoying it.

Reason being his father (Jacob Lohmann – A Royal Affair, Domino) is an alcoholic. An abusive and domineering alcoholic to both Kasper, all through his life, and his mother (Kaja Kamuk). This continues as he is forcing Kasper to live out his dream of being a race driver, despite the fact that his son wants to move on to focus on his studies.

Because of the abuse he has endured, Kasper never really allows himself to fully enjoy his life. Does not allow his girlfriend completely in. His trauma is always just beneath the surface affecting all he does.

Familial bonds are brought to the screen fully and completely here. So much so you can almost see them. No matter how destructive or toxic the family situation is people cling to them. They are vital in life for humans. Good, bad or somewhere in between.

There is also a coming of age aspect happening here. Where son is connected to his father but wanting to break out. Be his own person/man. You can see how Kasper is struggling with either repeating his father’s life or doing what he wants. How this can be even tougher to do if the father-son relationship is a dysfunctional one.

This film is also under Oscar consideration, so you might be hearing from it again on the night of the awards.

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