Love Sarah

A near miss. A film which is the equivalent of coming in 4th at the Olympics. Finishing just off the podium. Director Eliza Schroeder’s (first feature film) Love Sarah is a film which is almost good. And because it is filled with such a big heart I am sure many in the audience will excuse most of its flaws and enjoy watching.

With her mother recently deceased, 19-year-old Clarissa (Shannon Tarbet – appeared in episodes of Killing Eve and Lewis) wants to fulfill her mother’s biggest dream of opening her own bakery in London’s Notting Hill area. To accomplish this she is going to need help. The help of two people who are going to be rather reluctant about the idea – her mother’s best friend, Isabella (Shelley Conn – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, How Do You Know) and her estranged grandmother, Mimi (Celia Imrie – Nanny McPhee, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).

A light comedy with a big heart, the film and those involved try their best. While it is not exactly an utter failure; it is not a good film either. Kinda like a cake which is not pretty to look at yet still edible. The film is not a total waste of time, but you feel it could have been better.

The cynicism you might feel about it is tampered down a bit because of the big heart of the film. Though they are all rather heavily handed in their delivery the messages of inclusion, diversity and the importance of family are rather important ones especially at a time where the world feels rather separated. Maybe a sickly sweet film, with plenty of visuals of sugary pastries or treats, is exactly what we need.

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