The Grave: Season 1 Streaming on Topic – Episodes 1-3

The great thing about streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Topic is that we get the opportunity to see things we might not have before. Television programs, good ones, from around the world. One example of that is the Israeli series The Grave now available on Topic.

For those not familiar, Israeli television has been strong for many years. Series so strong that they have often been redone by American studios. Popular series like Homeland, In Treatment and Euphoria all are based on Israeli shows. Here we get the original series with English subtitles.

The story begins with an earthquake in northern Israel which happens and as a result a shallow grave is unearthed. Inside the grave there are three skeletons which are in a state of advanced decomposition. The police, led by detectives Chava (Michal Kalman) and Gabi (Tsahi Halevi), begin an investigation. To everyone’s shock the DNA results show that the skeletons belong to three people who are still very much alive.

It is a very involving series which is very well done. Of the sci fi/police drama variety. While the first few episodes are a bit slow it certainly picks up and then does not let up with many different things being revealed each episode. Many are unexpected which keeps things really interesting. Plus the acting of all the main characters is really solid.

The series’ first season is made up of eight episodes. Already the first three episodes of the series have been released on January 14 and subsequently one episode every Thursday for the next five weeks until February 18th.

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