The Wake of Light

Released in select theatres and on digital platforms, Renji Philip’s (Cheesecake Casserole) film aims to be a romantic drama involving two lost souls coming together. Definitely a low budget, left of center picture, but with all its quirks it is still an enjoyable watch. Actually, it is the quirks which makes it feel a little different and not your run of the mill romance film.

Since the death of her mother when she was only six years old and then her father’s (William Lige Morton – Journeyman), Mary (Rome Brooks) has shouldered the burden of taking care of things at home. As such, she has not lived your typical life. Meaning she is not married, hasn’t traveled, Mary has just done the same things at the same time day in and day out.

Her life is given a little shake up when she runs into Cole (Matt Bush – from television’s The Goldbergs). Cole is not from town. He was just passing through on his way to Utah when his car breaks down. Now stuck in the small town where he knows no one, Cole is looking from someone to spend time with. That person is Mary.

They spend some time together over the next couple of days. He tells her about his life and she invites him over for dinner one night. They click and Cole asks Mary to join him on his cross country trip. This leaves her with a decision to make. Should Mary go off and do something for herself once in her life? Or should she just stay home to take care of her father?

A sprinkling of drama. Plenty of positivity. And a hopeful ending. All are important parts of this film. Also enjoyable was the fact that the two main characters are highly relatable. While you might not be exactly like them you really understand parts of them. The flaws, the fears borne out of what life has dealt them and the yearning for human connection. I especially liked the unusual ending. Unusual yet still satisfying.

Featuring beautiful scenic shots of small town USA, a languid pace and plenty of sweetness, The Wake of Light almost succeeds in making me forget all those cliched romantic films which are a chore to watch. A nice change of pace from the usual films from this genre.

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