Celeste Shares Video for “Love Is Back”



The video, set on the office floor of a reimagined stock-broker firm where women dominate, is an homage to female empowerment and love. It features Celeste and a cast list of cameos by her friends in fashion, music, acting and the creative arts, including Mel C, Jaime Winstone, Miss Jason, Princess Julia and many more (see full list below).

Director Sammy King says, “It’s the late 80s, London and the global currency is LOVE!  The women of a buzzing stock exchange office are working around the clock to help bring Love back to the top and to do so, they’ll have to work together to sell Love Stocks via the airwaves. Celeste takes it upon herself to educate an exclusively male board about Love and how to bring these numbers back up worldwide. This video is an homage to the limitless capacities of female empowerment, consequently transmitting the message that Love is our most valuable resource.”

Cast list:
Chiara Mottiron – Model/Illustrator
Robin Sparkes – Artist
Nylo Beeharry – Journalist/Writer
Jack Rolf – Actor
Jamien Socrates Van Cleef – Musician
Miss Jason – YouTube Vlogger/DJ
Josephine Jones – Designer
Jaime Winstone – Actor
Elhiest – Musician
Malaya Mekonnen – Model
Jazz Grant – Artist
Holly Millman – Photographer
Zenobia Voegele-Downing – Model
Molly Bridgewood – Artist
Mel C – Musician
Lu Kyriacou – Designer
Faye Wei Wei – Artist
Elis Moaven – Model
Josh Harvey – Musician
Atul Sharma – Actor
Kim Lee – Actor
Graham Sayle – Artist
Princess Julia – DJ/ Culture Correspondent

Celeste says: “‘Love Is Back’ is a satirical look at love. It pinpoints the moment you see someone who you really fancy, the feeling is all new again, you get carried away with the idea of who you think they may be… You then think you are in love again… And then the reality comes to you that this person really isn’t right at all!! Although now when I sing it the feeling is different because love really is back!

“Love Is Back” precedes the release of Not Your Muse, Celeste’s full-length debut. Featuring twelve songs, the album will be released on January 29th and includes “Love Is Back” and eight brand new tracks alongside acclaimed previous singles “Strange,” “A Little Love” and “Stop This Flame.” “A Little Love” was the first time that an original song was commissioned for the John Lewis Christmas campaign, a landmark track for one of modern pop’s true original talents.

Celeste is in the midst of a remarkable rise. “Love Is Back” is another captivating leap forward for this artistic tour-de-force.

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