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William H. Macy is more than just your favorite on-screen character, he’s creating gritty music and badass whiskey. His new single, “Whiskey Dell,” is a marriage of those passions. Under the moniker Willie Creeks, Macy’s inner outlaw, is personally writing spirited tales of fishing in the rugged Rockies while armed with his trusty 1935 Martin ukulele and a glass of whiskey from Woody Creek Distillers.

Whiskey Dell” features a driving kick, floor-rumbling bass, and a feverish energy brought to life through colorful collaboration with some extremely talented musicians.

Macy’s passion for music, songwriting, and spirits is boundless whilst living by Willie Creek’s mantra “you have to go to a lot of trouble to make trouble worth goin’ to.” Those who worked alongside him on Shameless can attest to his constant plucking of his uke, which he is rarely without. This long-awaited journey of music and spirits signals a second act for Macy that will be anything but conventional. Don’t expect this collaboration to be half ass either, Macy is a partner at Woody Creek Distillers, noting the hilarious truth, “Look at this face, I could sell whiskey.” 

Bill is so authentically passionate about making whiskey that we wanted to bottle it up and show people a side of him they might not know yet,” shared Tyler DeAngelo of StrawberryFrog, the NYC creative agency, who have worked closely with Macy and Woody Creek Distillers and are responsible for the nationwide roll out of the music and whiskey campaign.

Something Woody Creek Distillers and Macy have in common high up in the Rocky Mountains is that they are not afraid to surprise people with some unexpected twists. In fact, the potatoes that go into their highly touted vodka come straight from Macy’s backyard in Colorado. When Woody Creek Distillers won double-gold at the San Francisco International Spirits competition, Macy once likened it to “winning all of the Academy Awards with a film made on your iPhone.” Thanks to his commitment to renegade craftsmanship, it appears we’ll be enjoying centuries old traditions of music and spirit for some time. 

Music is the earth, and spirits are the fire—the elements making everything sound a little better. After all, music and spirits are how most folks are surviving these days. Sip and laugh. Sip and cry. Sip and create. But make sure you are sipping on something from Woody Creek Distillers, while Willie sings you a tune.

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