An Anthology film directed by six women

Everyone has a different story to tell, especially when it comes to relationships. Lynda Boyd (We Were Wolves, Republic of Doyle) stars as Anna, a recently widowed cardiologist facing romantic challenges. While attending a wedding, Anna discovers she is not alone and bonds with six other women as they each share their unique stories of navigating the complex world of relationships. This anthology film weaves through the love lives of these women, charting their ups and downs in romance and rejection.

This refreshing take on romance was directed by six women from the East Coast of Canada, Deanne Foley, Martine Blue, Stephanie Clattenburg, Latonia Hartery, Ruth Lawrence and Megan Wennberg.

In addition to the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival the film played the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, and was nominated for Best Feature Film at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards. Kathryn MacLellan won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards for her role in the film. The film was produced by Latonia Hartery, Jay Dahl and Bill Niven, and was shot by award winning cinematographer Jeffery Wheaton.  The film has a runtime of 85 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA.

Game Theory will release the film on February 12 on all digital platforms including iTunes/Apple TV, Vimeo On Demand and Amazon Prime Direct.




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