PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS INC. | Available worldwide exclusively on ALTER on February 5th

Sociable Films is excited to announce that their horror-comedy web series PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS INC. will be launching exclusively on ALTER starting February 5th.

Directed by Michelle Ouellet (Afterparty, The True Heroines), Nicholas Carella (Bates Motel; Hooked on Speedman) and David Milchard (Convos with My 2-Year Old, Nesting), PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS INC. follows Jared, the titular group’s cofounder, in his ongoing effort to rebrand the company by expanding beyond ghosts. The eight episode series stars David Milchard, Julia Benson, Nicholas Carella, Daniel Bacon, Diana Bang, Christina Sicoli and Emily Bett Rickards.

Originally premiering in Canada on TELUS channel, PARANORMAL SOLUTIONS INC. was nominated for Best Web Series at the Leo Awards, and Best Actress for comedian Christina Sicoli at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards. The show will now be available exclusively on ALTER YouTube Channel, Facebook and Instagram, and released in sets of two episodes every Friday, starting February 5th. 

February 5 – Episodes 1 & 2
Werewolves Are Real! – Directed by Michelle Ouellet
Exorcismed! – Directed by Michelle Ouellet

February 12 – Episodes 3 & 4
The Leprechaun of Mobile Alabama – Directed by Michelle Ouellet
Sasquatch Is Your BC Bud – Directed by Nicholas Carella 

February 19 – Episodes 5 & 6
The Internet Killed the Video Store – Directed by Michelle Ouellet
Only YOU Can Prevent Zombie Attacks – Directed by David Milchard 

February 26 – Episodes 7 & 8 
Happy Endings & New Beginnings  – Directed by Michelle Ouellet
Not All Abductions are the Good Kind – Directed by Michelle Ouellet

David Milchard, Julia Benson, Nicholas Carella, Daniel Bacon,
Diana Bang, Christina Sicoli, Emily Bett Rickards
Paranormal Solutions Inc. is expanding! Armed with their new slogan, “We believe in EVERYTHING!”, six hapless (but passionate), semi-successful ghosthunters attempt to grow their business and become real players in the supernatural game.  What they find is that everything exists– from Werewolves to Aliens to Krakens– and now they have to live up to their end of the bargain or risk not getting paid.

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