The Fourfold @ Sundance

Every so often there comes along a film which is so beautiful to look at that it reminds you that film can truly be a visual art form. Such is the case with Alisi Telengut’s painterly short The Fourfold, which is screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

It is a seven minute film made in Canada with Mongolian language. The animation is like a painting. I wondered throughout if it was illustrating a painting being made or destroyed? Whatever the case each frame of the film is beautiful. Obvious that each frame was handmade and the way it is done makes it seem like there is movement going on.

The story being told here (through a voice over/interview with Mongolian woman) is based on the shamanistic rituals of Mongolia and Siberia. Wanting to show the connection between the health of the planet we all exist on and that of the fauna (which some believe to have souls) on it.

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