100 Days to Live

We all deal with trauma differently. Here a woman deals with her demons by leading a suicide support group operating in Chicago. There was really nothing Rebecca Church (Heidi Johanningmeier – appeared in episodes of Shameless and Chicago P.D.) could have done to prevent her mother’s suicide. Yet she still bears the burden of it. In a kind of search for healing she has dedicated her life to mental health issues. Of late her life seems to be on the upswing as she has met a wonderful man.

Rebecca and Gabriel Weeks (Colin Egglesfield – Something Borrowed, The Space Between Us) met and fell in love. Now they are engaged. Things are going well until suddenly one day while they are at a restaurant, Gabriel disappears. The only clue left behind is a photo album with the title “Gabriel Was Saved” on it.

The police are brought in and it is revealed that Gabriel has been abducted by a serial kidnapper known as The Savior. His MO is to stalk people for 100 days and then to take and kill them. To stop Gabriel from being his next victim, Rebecca begins to work with Detectives Jack Byers (Yancey Arias – Live Free and Die Hard, Legion) and Greg Neese (Chris Johnson – Peppermint, xXx2: The Next Level). This is not a random crime as The Savior is someone who used to work with Rebecca. Making this very personal.

A thriller which uses the oft used race against the clock method to amp up the tension. There are plenty of bumps on the road with this film, but it is director first film, so some leeway should be granted. Most of the problems are technical ones and as such I am not sure how many will even care about that.

Twists are over used in film. They are attractive because when done well there is usually a big payoff. Many filmmakers will, as a result, take the risk. Here screeneriter/director Ravin Gandhi leads the viewer one way then has his film veer off in another which few will be able to predict. Enough said as it sucks when someone ruins surprises like this.

100 Days to Live is now available throughout North America on TVOD Platforms and on DVD.

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