13th edition of MASSIMADI: Online and Free! Montreal’s Afro LGBTQ+ Film and Arts Festival Runs February 12 – March 12

13th Edition of the Afro LGBTQ+ Film and Arts Festival 
Online & Free!
February 12 – March 12,  2021

Since 2009, Massimadi has presented films, documentaries and Web series on LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) themes that highlight members of Black communities. The festival is also a platform to introduce local artistic talent and share Afro LGBTQ+ culture through the arts. 

A true opportunity for cultural exchange through its films, round table discussions and numerous interactions with the public, Massimadi invites you online for its 13th edition under the theme RESISTANCE. We couldn’t ask for a more appropriate theme, as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to our limits for months and the subject of racism—especially painful for Black communities—has been widely discussed in the media since the tragic death of George Floyd. Today, resistance is more important than ever!

As the Massimadi Festival’s eclectic programming shows, this resistance takes place on many levels: nurturing family ties, building romantic connections, fighting for justice and recognition, expressing oneself through art. Each step that pushes us towards accomplishing our dreams is a form of resistance! 


A virtual Massimadi is the perfect occasion to reveal our brand-new platform, massimadi.ca. A unique tool to increase visibility for Afro LGBTQ+ creations in Canada and La Francophonie, the platform will include all of the films from our 13th edition (accessible for free throughout Canada until March 12, 2021) as well as a vast “Massimathèque”, a repertory of all of the films and other Afro LGBTQ+ creations from our twelve previous editions, with descriptions and information on where to find and watch them.  


  • 7 feature films + 23 short films + 1 Web series (films, documentaries and experimental cinema)
  • Varied themes: Africa in Love, Exquisite Tenderness, Dream of the Stage, Crossroads, Quest for Elsewhere, Activist Rhythm, Wellbeing and Thriving, Our Dear Ones, Queerness Today and Tomorrow, Line of Fire
  • Representation from 9 countries: USA + United Kingdom + Brazil + Namibia + France + Finland + Italy + Puerto Rico + Australia
  • Round tables and discussions with the public
  • A comedy show streamed live on social media
  • Speed dating on Zoom for queer Black women
  • Art-therapy workshops
  • An exhibition co-presented with Nigra Iuventa


DON’T MISS THESE FILMS:(Full programming available here

Kapana (60 minutes) | Director: Philippe Talavera
Fiction | Namibia, 2020

In Namibia, where homosexual relationships are still stigmatized, two young men who seem to have nothing in common meet in a bar and fall in love.

Kapana is the first Namibian film to feature a love story between two men. It’s also one of the rare LGBTQ romantic comedies produced and filmed on the African continent.

Limelight (12 minutes) | Director: Claire Gostin
Fiction | USA, 2020

In the political chaos of the Republic of Congo, two young women find comfort in one another.

Your Mother’s Comfort (75 minutes) | Director: Adam Golub
Documentary | Brazil, 2019

In a Brazil where inequality and danger are only increasing for the LGBTQ community, the passionate transgender rights activist and trans politician Indianara Siqueira fights to save the Casa Nem, where many have found refuge.

One Life to Blossom (OLTB) (55 minutes) | Director: Alexandrina André
Documentary | USA, 2020

Black trans artist and activist Blossom C. Brown overcomes racial and gender prejudice to accomplish her dream and become the woman she knows herself to be. 

Kelet (56 minutes) | Director: Susani Mahadura
Documentary | Finland, 2020

Kelet, a young Somali trans woman, dreams of being on the cover of Vogue magazine. Rejected by her family, she finds a new one in the ballroom community of Helsinki and her friend Lola. But will being both black and trans be too much for the Finnish modeling world?

Monsieur (23 minutes) | Director: Thomas Ducastel
Fiction | France, 2019

Georgie dreams of the stage, Stan dreams of the silver screen. When Georgie learns that his idol will be at the “Monsieur Pas-de-Calais” competition, he asks Stan, who will be filming the event, to help him get in. Underlying tensions between the two friends are finally brought to light.

Keyboard Fantasies : The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story (63 minutes) | Director: Posy Dixon
Documentary | GB, 2019

While living as a lesbian before his transition, Glenn self-produced his 1986 electronic album Keyboard Fantasies to little public attention. Nearly 30 years later, a Japanese collector picks it up and the album becomes a cult favourite. At the age of 74, Glenn kicks off his first international tour!
EXHIBITIONISTSFebruary 4 – March 27
Data Thieves: What Our Archives Tell Us
Exhibition presented by Massimadi and Nigra Iuventa at Never Apart
Artists: Yannis Davy Guibinga (4 Feb) et Syrus Marcus Ware (11 Feb)

Friday, February 19 at 7 p.m.
Model and TRANSmission: The Knowledge and Talents of Black Trans Women
Round table in collaboration with CLAQ – Célébrons les Afro-Québécois.e.s 
Panelists: Barbara & Christopher Marlot from the Idiosyncratic Kiki House of Elle  Barbara + Backxwash 
Moderator: Alicia Kazobinka

Tuesday, March 9 at 5 p.m.
Music as a Participatory Tool in Creating Inclusive Urban Spaces for Afro Queer Women
In collaboration with the Festival Afro Urbain.
Panelists: G L O W Z I,  Mélissa Laveaux and Wutangu 
Moderator:  Aisha Vertus

Saturday February 27 at 1:30 p.m.
Imagining a World Without Oppression for African People and People of African Descent
Round table co-presented by Nigra Iuventa, following the exhibition “Data Thieves: What Our Archives Tell Us”. 
Panelists: Yannis Davy Guibinga, Syrus Marcus Ware, nènè myriam konaté
Moderator: Omayra Issa 


Sunday February 21, 5-7 p.m., live on social media
Comedy show with Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Clif Knight, Tamara Shevon, Daphney Joseph, Tahnee. (Other comedians to be confirmed).
Hosted by Naila Rabel 


Sunday February 21, on Zoom

Hosted by Naila Rabel, aka “La Grosse qui fait des vidéos“ and Alicia Kazobinka
A first for the festival and exclusively reserved for Black queer women.

Throughout February
“Remembering Who We Are”: art therapy workshops for queer, trans and non-binary individuals of African descent.  
Hosted by Katleen (Kat Louis), therapist

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