The Affected @ Sundance

Of late the United States has been the big dog which everyone else has gone after. Part of it is to divert anyone from looking at them. Seeing that no country is without blame for behaviour. Systematic racism and abuse of power has been demonstrated to be a reality across the globe. Those who have been victims of this, over and over, are the most vulnerable portions of society. They are mistreated and get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Here is about the deportation of people who are in countries, who are not citizens and often deported back to their countries of origin. With full knowledge that they will probably face torture or even death if they are sent back. Seems like this would be looked upon negatively. And yet it happens everywhere. Very few stand up to this inhumanity.

Director Rikke Gregersen’s (Female Gaze: A Celebration of Woman Empowerment) film takes on this bull by the horns in her short film The Affected. It is done in an oftentimes humourous way.

A flight is getting set to take off from an airport in Norway on its way to Istanbul. The pilot and co-pilot are making final preparations…and taking some selfies. Within the plane, however, there is a disturbance. A disturbance which will end up delaying the flight.

A woman (Andrea Berntzen – Utoya – July 22) is standing and refusing to sit in her seat as she is protesting that on the flight is a man who is being deported back to Turkey. When the flight attendant enters the cockpit letting them know what is going on. The pilot makes the decision to have the woman removed from the planes so they can take off. Little does he know that making that decision would put a whole chain of events in motion.

Told in a way in which you feel a bit like a voyeur or fly on the plane cabin wall, the 13 minute short film Part comedy, part drama. A rather different way to get a rather political/ethical issue across. But still effective.

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