30th Edition of Montreal Black History Month: Black Conversations

Black Conversations
at the centre of

Black History Month

Free Panels, Discussions & Workshops Every Sunday Throughout February!

Following the enormous success of the first edition of Black ConversationsThe Round Table on Black History Month is bringing the experience online for free for all to join. Presented by TD Ready Commitment and produced by the team from Never Was Average in collaboration with PHI, Sundays are meant for Black Conversations during the full month of February with panels, conversations and workshops meant to highlight well-being, family bonding, emotional healing and community empowerment.

“As the world enters one of its most conscious Black History Months, we’re also set to earmark some of the most unique times in history. Fuelled by social injustices, but also fuelled by social activism, Afro-descendant people have dealt with varied levels of trauma, and it’s time to heal, it’s time for self-care,” said Carla Beauvais, Strategic Planning Coordinator for The Round Table on Black History Month.

“Every event in this series is planned with the mindset of offering a unique and enriching experience, guaranteed to leave all our participants in a better place and looking forward to the following Sunday. We’ve made sure to have support from highly-qualified people like Lalah Delia to guide participants on their paths to wellness,” added Carla Beauvais.

Black Conversations: The Wellness Reunion is an experience-based series inspired by the Black Panthers when they popularized the concept of self-care in the 1970s. Crafted towards Afro-descendant communities living in Quebec, these free virtual gatherings are meant to uplift your mind, body and soul.

Lifting the Black community through Self-Care Sundays:


Sunday, February 7 12 PM – 1 PM
This panel explores the power of family ties and the intergenerational relationships.

2 PM – 3 PM
What is intergenerational trauma? Come and listen to learn more about the subtle and not-so-subtle effects on a family and a community.

4 PM – 6 PM
This open conversation is for us to share our thoughts and solutions on how this pandemic has affected Afro-descendant families
Sunday, February 14 12 PM – 1 PM
Come and listen to how our panellists are taking care of themselves and how they create black spaces.

2 PM – 3 PM
This workshop will allow you to develop meaningful and engaging projects that make a difference in Black communities. 

4 PM – 6 PM
Round Table Conversation:  A COMMUNITY CARE MANIFESTO
The purpose of this conversation is to create a declaration of intentions by us for us because self-care is community care.

Sunday, February 21 12 PM – 1 PM
The purpose of this panel is to destigmatize mental illness and to keep the conversation going. 

2 PM – 3 PM
This workshop will help you gain a better understanding, break down barriers and dispel the stigma associated with mental illness.

4 PM – 6 PM 
Roundtable Conversation: THE WHEEL OF EMOTIONS
This open conversation will be a space for you to be honest about how you feel and will create a safe space for others to do the same.

Sunday, February 28 12 PM – 1 PM
Wellness educator and author of Vibrate Higher Daily, Lalah Delia joins us for the last Sunday of the month to talk about holistic health, spirituality practices and her wellness journey. 

2 PM – 3 PM
This workshop includes guided meditation, an invitation to share and express your current practices and challenges.

4 PM – 6 PM
Roundtable Conversation: WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS 
What are your sources of hope, strength, comfort and peace? Take this moment to share your thoughts or listen with others.

Black History Month will take place all across Quebec from February 1 to 28, 2021. To find out everything about the complete schedule for Black History Month, visit moishistoiredesnoirs.com/en today.

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