Slamdance 2021: A Trio to Look Out For – ‘After America’, ‘End of the Line’ & ‘Me To Play’

Three films which will be screening at this year’s Slamdance film festival taking place from February 12-25 – : END OF THE LINE (about a group of inginioous women protesting the infamous pipeline construction), AFTER AMERICA (about criminal justice de-escalation workers in Minneapolis) and ME TO PLAY (about two NY actors with Parkinson’s disease who put their hearts into one final Off-Broadway production of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame).

These films will be virtually available to passholders all around the world from February 12-25.


Writer/Director: Jake Yuzna

Starring: Yvonne Freese, Theresa McConnon, Daniel Nies, Ahmed Yusuf, Dan Fox, Eli Anthony, Robert Dante

Cinematographers: Adam Olson, Jake Yuzna

Run Time: 127 minutes

Logline: In 2019, criminal justice de-escalation workers in Minneapolis embarked on a collaborative film using radical theater workshop techniques to explore their real-life anxieties. The result, finished days before the murder of George Floyd, captures a city questioning whether anyone can ever be free of America.


Director/Producer: Jim Bernfield

Co-Producer/Co-Editor: Steven Meyer

Editor: Anna Gustavi

Cinematographer: Saro Varjabedian

Cast: Dan Moran, Chris Jones

Run Time: 72 minutes

Logline: As their bodies give way to Parkinson’s disease, two New York actors put their hearts into one final Off-Broadway production of Beckett’s Endgame, the play that posits, “there’s nothing funnier than unhappiness.”

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