Hopeless Romantic

An anthology film directed by six women. So I guess women can work together without jealousy or competiveness causing friction. In all seriousness and with minimal sarcasm from this point forward, we have here a Canadian film, from the East Coast,

Perfect timing with Valentine’s Day being this weekend. Instead of your usual romantic film starring young, impossibly attractive people who find something coming between them, keeping them apart, then miraculously they realize that their love is more important than their differences, this is a film which is told all from the female perspective and all ages. Trying to cast its net wide and far hoping that makes it relatable to as many as possible.

While attending a wedding in which she is to make a speech, recently widowed cardiologist Anna (Lynda Boyd – from television’s Republic of Doyle) is in an awkward position when a man she has a past with ends up sitting at her table.

Not alone, Anna is not the only one at the wedding having some problems. She ends meeting and talking to six other women also suffering from issues dealing with the heart.

While this is a film in which you might expect a negative review I am going to keep you guessing by saying it is a rather enjoyable watch. Yes, the acting is rather wooden and production values low. But somewhere not so deep down is a film which many will find highly relatable.

I also like the fact that the film was a female oriented one – made by women, starring women and aimed towards….you guessed it, women. Even though women are thought to be the more romantic of the sexes (hogwash, but we’ll go with it here), romance in films has largely been the domain of men. Refreshing to see a film love told by women.

The film is available on digital platforms like Apple TV/iTunes, Vimeo and Amazon Prime.

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