SXSW 2021: World Premiere of VIOLET from Writer/Director Justine Bateman; Starring Olivia Munn, Luke Bracey & Justin Theroux

World Premiere: Thursday, March 18th at 4PM CT 

“Violet” follows “Violet Morton,” a 32 year-old film executive who is living her life listening to this “Voice,” resulting in fear-based decisions. She has made these decisions to avoid potential “worst-case scenarios” in her romantic life, her family life, and her professional life, and they have taken her away from who she really is. She has grown accustomed to this, to not being quite “herself,” and sees nothing amiss, until a friend’s comment makes her realize that The Voice has been lying to her. Her entire life.

Executive Producers:  Cassian Elwes, Jay Paul, Matt Lituchy, Rob Rubano, Jonathan Schurgin, Anders Liljeblad

Producers: Justine Bateman, Michael D Jones, Larry Hummel, Matt Paul

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