Montréal en Lumière: Unveiling of the gastronomy programming

March 4 to 28, 2021 | 22nd edition

Unveiling of the gastronomy programming

A creative local festival to satisfy everyone’s taste!

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, presented in collaboration with Casino de Montréal, unveils today the details of its gourmet line-up of events! An immersive, 360° experience of the most fascinating and exciting aspects of local gastronomy–shining more light than ever on the producers and artisans of the Quebecois terroir.

A digital offer
that will make you want to eat your screen!

For the first time, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE presents 4 web series, comprised of 22 episodes, available to watch for free as of March 4 at

Autour de la table avec…presented by Casino de Montréal
“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are!” Vanessa Pilon paints often surprising culinary portraits of her guests. These encounters will reveal some hidden truths behind your favourite celebrities! Confessions are on the horizon…
La brigade découverte MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE
This year, the festival has recruited some well-known foodies to form the Discovery Brigade. Their mission: to delve into the world of local chefs and producers to find out what they’re passionate about.
Chef en ébullition
The pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for chefs, but has also provided them with something rather rare in their line of work: plenty of time! Time to experiment, develop and create. So we decided to take this opportunity to put them to the test! 
C’est l’heure de l’apéropresented by the SAQ
Yes, happy hour is still a thing! And what could be better than having after-work drinks with the best in the industry? Hosted by none other than Vincent Sulfite.
Bonnes Tables Air France
time and again
With Bonnes Tables Air France, the festival is offering foodies the chance to switch up their daily routine with exclusive take-out menus (also available for delivery) created by the chefs of over twenty Montreal restaurants, all of whom are devotees of local produce. The menus will be available from March 4 through 28.

Starting this friday, take part in the Air France Finest Tables Contest!
To win: one of four $250 gift certificates for one Finest Table of your choice.
One entry per day is allowed from February 26 to March 11.

View Participating Restaurants

Quilt and Fine Cuisine,
an excellent opportunity to spoil yourself
Miss going on vacation? Need to get out of the house? In a new and unique partnership concept, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE has teamed up with a number of local hotels with restaurants to create the Quilt and Fine Cuisine deals, which offer an exclusive VIP gastronomy experience in the luxury of your hotel room.

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