Gizelle Smith covers Kate Bush on new Jalapeno Records single out March 5th

Gizelle Smith is proud to take you on a journey across new musical terrain with her unique, expansive cover of Kate Bush’s ‘King of The Mountain’. Originally dedicated to her late father – former guitarist, musical director and songwriter for The Four Tops, Joe Smith – Gizelle’s exploration of newly realised artistic freedom is the first single released off her third upcoming album ‘Revealing’, due for release early summer.

Gizelle Smith has always been regarded as a funk and soul artist. She even gained the nickname ‘The Golden Girl of Funk’ after extensive touring across Europe, off the back of her first album ‘This Is Gizelle Smith and the Mighty Mocambos’, a selection of gritty deep-funk tracks with the Hamburg funk outfit. Joni Mitchell, Hendrix and Zappa have all featured highly in her list of influences, but none higher than her queen, Kate Bush

Experimenting with a new, cool, storytelling-type vocal performance, backed by a laidback soundscape, punctuated with psychedelic and cinematic elements, the tone is set for an album which proves she’s free from musical expectations, leading her funk-soul followers across new, exciting and inspired landscapes.

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