The Blackout

People, some friends, some strangers, make connections in New York City during Hurricane Sandy. Admittedly I went into this one rather cynically thinking it was rather cheesy. I guess these last few years have made me more doubtful of humans in general. Seeing the worst rather than the good. While the film was rather corny in patches it was a nice watch. Making me think that maybe we are not doomed and that in times of crises people do pull together.

A trio of female roommates are getting ready to move out of their apartment which is situated right above a cafe. Hurricane Sandy is about to hit New York City so people are preparing. To alleviate the anxiety over the weather they decide to have a small party.

As the power is out, the group of friends father together and talk. Soon they are telling their deepest and sometimes darkest truths. As the night goes on others from the building join the get together. A couple and their daughter. An older couple. Much happens but they get through it all together.

Rarely in today’s world of technology and social media do we actually truly reveal ourselves. I guess that is why films like this one will be met with some derision. We are jaded. Too cool to enjoy a film where human emotion is laid right in front of us. Believing that it feels fake. Afraid of vulnerability. It is easier to just make fun of it.

The cast is fairly large despite the fact that the film happens over the course of a few hours and that it takes place largely in one apartment. It is also a rather unknown cast in that not one of the actors/actresses was familiar to me. Despite that they all do well. While telling their secrets they all get time in the spotlight.

Without much action (there is one dancing scene) and largely involving minimal lighting, Daniele De Carlo’s film keeps your attention. Merely through voices and the emotions in them as stories are told.

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