Trans in Trumpland

Even though he has been voted out of the White House, former President Donald Trump has left quite a legacy and not a good one. Many people suffered during the four years he was president of the United States. His kind of destruction casts a long and wide shadow. It is going to take a while to come back out into the sunlight.

One of the populations which found themselves targets during the Trump is trans people. He passed laws like banning trans in the military and other things. Violence and discrimination are faced daily by an overwhelming majority of trans people. Their lives are not easy nor are they ever really safe.

Here is a four-part docuseries directed by Tony Zosherafatain, a trans man, which looks at the problems faced and the strength of the transgender community during the Trump administration. We see the issues from different perspectives. Perspectives having to do with poverty, immigration and race.

Each of the four episodes takes place in a different part of the country and with a focus on a different subject. We meet Ash from North Carolina, Shane from Idaho, Evonne from Mississippi, and Rebecca from Texas. Different races, ages and socioeconomic statuses. While their problems are all a little different what they have in common is that merely to exist as their true selves is a daily struggle. A teen trans boy who has to live in a state in which there are anti-trans bathroom laws, existing as America’s only open trans soldier, being an activist trying to shine line on their state’s underserved LGBTQ community, and beings a trans from Mexico dealing with a transphobic immigration system.

An interesting aspect of the docuseries is how director Tony, while traveling across the country and speaking to other trans people, unveils his own story and himself figures out what it means to be transgender.

Listening to these people’s stories you really see how tough it is and how the Trump government spawned a time in which already tough existences became even harder. Still the four forged on, each in their own way.

The series began streaming on Topic as of February 25th.

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