SAT Fest 2021

From the UK to Brazil, the Society for Arts and Technology selected the best immersive productions of 2021 and will be presenting a compilation of them
starting April 27 in the Satosphere

The Society for Arts and Technology is proud to present SAT Fest 2021, a selection of immersive short films by local and international artists. Screenings will take place under the SAT dome from April 27 to June 19, Tuesday to Saturday, with two shows a night (5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.)

Following a call for projects, the 2021 edition of SAT Fest received over 50 artistic submissions from more than 10 countries around the world. The selection of the eight works featured in the program, made by the SAT’s selection committee, represents an assortment of the best immersive productions of this pandemic year. The industry’s strong interest in SAT Fest demonstrates that, amongst the numerous immersive installations worldwide, Montreal’s Satosphère, with its 18 m diameter, 13 m height, 8 video projectors and 157 high-definition speakers, remains a key player in the world of immersion. 

This 8th edition features: a dizzying dive into entropic chaos with Entropy will be larger tomorrow by Laura Luna Castillo (Mexico/USA), a collage of interconnected worlds illustrating our relationship to the virtual in Anthologie by Baron Lanteigne and Bobby Tank (Canada), a visual study of the space-time concept in Troublants Trous Noirs by Jules Roze and Sol Miracula (France/Canada), a poetic experience of our temporality with The Face of Rain by Marcella França, Paul Mottram, Nathan Feddo and Henry White (Brazil/Canada), a journey from the microscopic to the celestial with Black Mantis – The Build by 4Pi Productions and Deri Roberts (UK), a fictional tale exploring the field of microbiology in Immunity by Montreal Life Support (UK/Canada), a drifting between memories, imagination and dreams in Somnium by Dimitri Thouzery and Ludovic Finck (France) and an excursion into an AI-generated architectural environment in Pieced by Sean Caruso and Mourad Bncr (Canada).


WHEN : April 27 to June 19, Tuesday to Saturday
Two shows a night, 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. 
Tickets here 

WHERE : In the Satosphere 
1201 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

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