You’d have to admit that if you were a psychiatrist (Tom Wade – appeared in episodes of Law & Order and The Comeback) and a woman (Autumn Harrison – Boiling Pot) who was brought to you by the police because she seemed to be lost. Mentally, I mean. Then she told you a story involving time travel you would have to think she had lost her mind and needed help. Yet this film, featuring exactly that type of story, is based on a true story. Truth stranger than fiction.

Done in a style which hearkens back to film noir (which is totally fitting for this type of mysterious film), director Jacky Song, brings forth a film in which little is explained. We are not spoon fed what is going on here, even when a little bit more of the “truth” comes out in the last five minutes or so of this 30 minute short film.

You are left wondering if the short is an ode to television’s The X-Files or a unique way to bring forward an examination of the damage done when LGBTQ+ people are forced into a life which is not authentic. Either way it is a film which due to its layers will have you thinking and wondering long after you have finished watching.

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