The Long Way Back

Just out of jail, Max (Denny Dale Bess – appeared in episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Boardwalk Empire) returns to his old stomping ground in New York City. It becomes apparent that this was not exactly a good idea as his past comes back to haunt him. Drugs, his inability to get a job due to his criminal record and money he owes to a bad guy make life difficult.

A crime-drama film directed and written by E.B. Hughes (Exit O) is one that follows a path we have gone over a lot. A guy with a dodgy past trying to stay on the straight and narrow, but finding temptation everywhere. What does keep things somewhat interesting is that Max is not exactly likable. The type who always seems to make the wrong decisions. Despite his best intentions.

While some of the editing and transitions between scenes can be jarring, the mood is well set up. It looks and even feels gritty which lends itself to a story like that. Another plus is that the cast here does a good job. All turn in solid and believable performances.

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