Lara Sofia – El desierto sabe que también es mar

Lara Sofia is an independent singer-songwriter. Since she was young, she felt a very special
connection with music and a great curiosity for discovering new cultures, as a result of this her
music is a mixture of pop, folk, and Latin sounds sung in several languages: Spanish, English,
French, and Portuguese.

Her first album reflects who she is: her origins, her choices, the paths she has taken, the
mysteries of the future and fate.

The title of her first album, El desierto sabe que también es mar (The desert knows that it is also
the sea), was born due to an inevitable nostalgia that brings her back to the place where she was
born, Sonora. At the same time is a metaphor for a look inside oneself that leads us to rediscover
ourselves and to make us take notice of the infinite possibilities of our existence.

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