Last play of the season 20-21 of La Maison Théâtre: Depuis La Grève presented from June 12 to 20 for 1 to 4 year olds

La Maison Théâtre is pleased to present the play DEPUIS LA GRÈVE from June 12th until June 20th. This show is the last of a season that began on April 9 and is aimed at children from 1 to 4 years old to evoke with delicacy the waiting and the distance.


Creators and direction: Josiane Bernier, Audrey Marchand and Laurence P Lafaille
Cast: Annabelle Pelletier Legros or Sarah Villeneuve-Desjardins

On the shore, the days pass according to the waves for the wife of the fisherman who, stroking her round belly, waits for the return of her beloved. For the one who remains at the port, everyday life is woven with hopes and a sweet solitude. Between the song of the birds and the lapping of the water intrude the tasks to be accomplished, the memories of the loved one and the small nocturnal worries. But in the morning, through the colors of dawn, a boat looms on the horizon…

Evoking the daily life that flows according to the waves for the fisherman’s wife, this solo play without words offers a sensory and contemplative experience. In an intimate space integrating video landscape and sound spatialization, young and small will be lulled both by the echo of the coastline and by undulating images. With contemporary immersive technologies, perfectly adapted to very young children, are combined here the beauty of the elements of nature that chant coastal life.

La Maison Théâtre will unveil the program for its 2021-2022 season in August.

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